Charles Greenwood has specialized in criminal law his entire career. As a former District Attorney, he knows the types of evidence and witnesses the State can gather against you,

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    In the state of Colorado, a conviction for any crime of Domestic Violence, even a misdemeanor, will remain on your record forever. It will require you to pay thousands for classes and probation,

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    Charles Greenwood has successfully negotiated and tried countless DUI/DWAI cases just like yours, both as a zealous advocate for his clients and as a former prosecutor.

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    Charles Greenwood is a relentless advocate for his clients with over a decade of criminal courtroom experience. He has won trials from DUI to First Degree Murder both as a prosecutor and as a defense attorney. His expertise made him one of the best Criminal Defense Attorney in Colorado.



  • We would highly recommend Charles as he was very helpful and patient as we did not understand the Colorado legal system. Charles gave us the first session of his assistance free of charge so we could take time to think about which way we should proceed (with or without him). Once hired he gave clear instructions on how we should proceed each step of the way and this led to a successful outcome for our family. I found the service we received to be very fairly priced, and are so happy with the result. Charles is highly recommended to assist your family to get the best possible outcome, with all options explained along the way.
    Thanks for great service Charles – M&K B.

    Charles was excellent! (DV Case)


  • I owe such a huge thanks to Charles Greenwood, he has been so helpful throughout my case and brought justice for me. I knew he worked hard for me, I had a very unique DUI case I was needing to fight for but wasn’t even sure where to begin. Charles made me feel safe and comfortable, he is naturally brilliant and helpful and knew exactly where I should start (: thank you Charles! Now I can go on with my life stress free, knowing we fought and did what we could to bring justice and make things right. I am 100% satisfied with my end results and am thankful god lead me to such an amazing lawyer. Thank you.

    Charles Greenwood is amazing


  • Mr. Greenwood handled our daughter’s driving case with confidence, compassion and wisdom. His ability to communicate with all concerned is excellent. He explained possible outcomes & did not use fear to get us to hire him. He helped get her the fair, and just outcome we had hoped for.

    Exceptional Lawyer


  • Charles Greenwood is a one of a kind attorney. His professionalism as well as his personable approach made it so much easier to get through a rough time. I never thought I could have such respect and faith in such a younger, much younger gentleman. From the very first phone call, to the conclusion of the case, Charles has been there for me anytime and has made me regain the confidence and faith not only in my life , but in the future of our legal system. I will recommend Charles to anyone who finds themselves lost in a legal battle. Charles Greenwood is a fine young man and an experienced attorney.

    One of the greatest


  • I’m glad I chose Charles for my DUI case. He was very positive and reassuring throughout the whole case. He is a very intelligent young man that knows a lot about the legal system. I’m happy to say the outcome for my case was way better than what I had hoped for all thanks to Charles. He will not disappoint you. Thank you Charles for being an awesome lawyer and person!

    Lawyer of the year


  • Charles was a great choice for representation in my hto case. He kept me informed on everything that was going on, gave me options, and showed an honest concern about my situation. He’s easy to talk to and be up front with, and I can honestly say I got way less then I would have without him. He will do

    Great choice for my HTO case


  • Thank you so much Mr. Charles Greenwood sir you were very help in every direction that my case went. You did an excellent job. For that I thank you for helping me out with my dui case. Have a wonderful rest of the year.

    Thank you for your help


  • I was very happy with the way charles handled my case. He always returned my calls promptly and kept me informed on develpments in my case. I felt that he understood my situation and gave my the best representation possible to achieve the best possible result, i highly reccomend his firm for your legal



  • my name is Anthony I was charged with some very serious felony charges including homicide if you’re trying to find the right lawyer and I know that’s hard to do THIS IS THE ONE. I went through a couple of very expensive lawyers I will not mention their names but after hiring them and they got my money I found them not to answer questions would not take my phone calls will not return calls and all they tried to do is plea bargain. a friend of mine referred me to Mr Greenwood and after talking to him he told me he knows the law . He may seem young but Mr Greenwood is a fantastic lawyer he will talk to you over any problems you might have he has not only been a lawyer is turned into a friend and still consults me to this day . if you’re looking for a lawyer this is the lawyer you want. He will be with you every step of the way I cannot say enough good about Mr Greenwood especially after some terrifying experiences with other lawyers. He knows the law. He’s ambitious smart and caring . Mr Charles Patrick Greenwood is going to be a well-known lawyer in the future.

    A lawyer that knows the law


  • Bar-none a fantastic DUI defense lawyer. He got invested in the case and cared about his performance in the court, which is a shame because he got my case dropped before we ever even got to a trial. Well worth the money. I would hire him again in a heartbeat.

    Excellent Lawyer