Charles fought for me

I was falsely accused in a domestic case. My ex girlfriend is crazy and vendictive and made marks on her neck when I wasnt there, and pressed a false felony charge. I also have prior felonies and this case was not looking so good for me.
I hired Charles and he worked with me on my payments. We ended up taking this false felony charge to trial.
In trial Charles was very well prepared, new my case inside and out, and was very good at knowing how to handle my case. He was a shark in the courtroom. He knew I was being honest and had fallen victim to a false allegation. He fought for me and was able to bring many things to light that the district attorney was trying to hide, not just from the jury, but also from me.
At the end of my trial I was found not guilty. I give thanks to God for having Charles in my corner through this.
I would definitely recommend Charles to friends and family looking for legal representation.