A lawyer that knows the law

my name is Anthony I was charged with some very serious felony charges including homicide if you’re trying to find the right lawyer and I know that’s hard to do THIS IS THE ONE. I went through a couple of very expensive lawyers I will not mention their names but after hiring them and they got my money I found them not to answer questions would not take my phone calls will not return calls and all they tried to do is plea bargain. a friend of mine referred me to Mr Greenwood and after talking to him he told me he knows the law . He may seem young but Mr Greenwood is a fantastic lawyer he will talk to you over any problems you might have he has not only been a lawyer is turned into a friend and still consults me to this day . if you’re looking for a lawyer this is the lawyer you want. He will be with you every step of the way I cannot say enough good about Mr Greenwood especially after some terrifying experiences with other lawyers. He knows the law. He’s ambitious smart and caring . Mr Charles Patrick Greenwood is going to be a well-known lawyer in the future.