Legal Online Advertising

Let me tell you about It has been the flat-out best marketing source I have found for my criminal defense practice and deserves the careful attention of every attorney in a similar field.

I began practicing five years ago as a District Attorney. When I decided to move on after a couple years, I had very little knowledge about running my own firm and obviously no experience. I was inundated with seemingly lucrative offers from other legal online marketers that promised innumerable potential clients per month. Having less experience and no baseline from which to evaluate these other advertisers, I feel prey to several that turned out to be unproductive at brining in new clients or increasing my firms’ brand.

After trying a half dozen other advertising sources, I was referred to legalmatch by another attorney and have been extremely satisfied ever since. It has produced the most overall revenue for my firm of any marketing source I have tried, has created the greatest return on investment for each marketing dollar spent, and the clients I have retained from legalmatch have referred others to me at higher rates than clients obtained from other sources. It has retained this consistency and client quality for the three years I have been a member. I highly recommend their company to any small or solo firm seeking to increase its presence.