Attorney Charles Greenwood

Charles P. Greenwood is a Colorado native who attended the University of Colorado in Boulder for both his undergraduate and legal studies.


Mr. Greenwood served as a Deputy District Attorney for several years where he was charged with prosecuting serious felonies and appealing criminal cases. He has experience working in the Adams, Jefferson, El Paso, and Weld County District Attorneys’ Offices.


As a prosecutor, Mr. Greenwood had a conviction rate above 80% at trial and a 100% success rate on appeal. Both of these are significantly above the average for District Attorneys in Colorado. He now has over 60 jury trials to his credit and has won the majority of cases he has defended.


Mr. Greenwood became dissatisfied with the criminal justice system. He saw that most convictions hurt everyone involved in a case. A person charged with a crime is never given access to the tools they need to get treatment or a job and are those convicted are burdened with unproductive fines, jail, or prison time. These results simply make people more likely to fall victim again to the factors that led them to being charged in the first place. Mr. Greenwood founded Greenwood and Associates, LLC. to vindicate the rights of those charged with crimes and protect them from jail and prison time and other harmful results.